Photo: Melissa Rae Photography

I'm Aye Chan.

You can also call me AC. I am a Marriage Commissioner in Alberta, and was appointed February 2015, just as I was planning my own wedding! I understand how important it is to have personal touches in your big day. It will be my privilege and pleasure to work closely with you to create a wedding ceremony that is uniquely yours. 

I married the love of my life (that's him there in the picture above) on June 13, 2015 at the beautiful Priddis Country Club. We now have two awesome children together. True story: we got married outdoors (under a tent) in the middle of a storm, and there was a roar of thunder as we exchanged our vows. There are always surprises on your wedding day, no matter how meticulous you are with your plans. Enjoy each moment and go with the flow! 

It is a HUGE honour to be a part of your wedding day, and to officiate the beginning of your new life together. I see my role as your guide to a smooth ceremony, and your story-teller. The little moments in my couples' wedding day are what makes me love my job. The emotions that run through as a bride walks down the aisle, hugs and kisses between parents and their children who are getting married that day, the pride in the eyes of the couple and their parents/children/loved ones, the tears of joy that take over, the sincere vows ... it gets very overwhelming at times, and I have to hold myself together as these are powerful moments that define so many lives! I feel such gratitude and humility when couples, their parents, and grandparents come up to me after the ceremony and give me such heartfelt feedback - it makes my day and absolutely keeps me coming back for more.