Getting Married

Wedding Officiant

Congratulations on your engagement, and on your decision to have a civil wedding ceremony! To be married lawfully in Alberta, you will need to follow these steps:

1. Obtain a marriage license:

Marriage licenses are obtained from a Alberta Registry Agent. Once issued, the license is valid for 90 days

Both parties must be present and must be free from the influence of drugs or alcohol. You must present a valid, government-issued, picture identification, and provide your full names, both your parents' full names, and your parents' places of birth. You must be over 18 (or show legal parental consent if under 18), must not be related to each other, and must be unmarried (bring proof of divorce if applicable). 

2. Find an officiant (either a Marriage Commissioner or a Member of the Clergy). 

This is when you say the "I do"s. The marriage license is valid for 90 days, and you must get married within the 90 days after issuance. You will require two witnesses at your wedding. If needed, I am able to provide these witnesses; I do ask that you please pay these witnesses.

Do you want a traditional ceremony? Or a small and intimate elopement? Are you looking to legalize your marriage here, and leave for a destination wedding? Would you like to write your own vows?  

You can choose any venue you desire in Alberta! Where do you wish to get married? I am able to offer a location if you wish (limit on the number of people who can attend due to space):